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Whatever level of fleet management services you are looking to outsource, Custom Remarketing Services is your solution. Our industry knowledge can help simplify the process. Using our services on an as-needed, customized basis allows you to only pay for the services you need…when you need them.


Obtaining the initial registration and title for a new fleet vehicle or piece of equipment can be an involved, tedious process. Procedures differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. CRS can efficiently register and title your vehicle, saving you valuable time and resources. We can register your fleet vehicles with state-based plates or apportioned/IRP plates.


CRS can help replace your lost or damaged commercial vehicle title that is lost in any state.


When companies operate multi-state fleets, vehicle transfers are often necessary. CRS can process the transfer of title and registration to the appropriate state.


Registration renewals can be a hectic process for many fleet operators. CRS can handle the process seamlessly. We will work with the various agencies to renew your fleet timely and provide renewals and digital copies of each vehicle renewed. We can also renew your state-based or apportioned/IRP plates.


Titles are proof of vehicle ownership. Handling and storing these documents with care will minimize the need for replacement/duplicate titles. CRS provides secure title storage services. Titles are also stored digitally for your viewing needs. Titles can be sent to you within 24 hours upon request.


It is vital that each vehicle or piece of equipment be titled under the correct company name. If you undergo a name change, CRS can partner with you to complete this process to update your titles and registrations in any state or jurisdiction quickly and accurately.


We work with you to determine the best strategy for disposing of your fleet vehicles at the end of their useful life. We can help whether you desire to sell vehicles and equipment through wholesale outlets, employee sales, customer-arranged sales, or scrap/recycling alternatives. We partner with you to administer and manage your disposal strategy and administration to dispose of your assets.


Sometimes special projects come your way. Sometimes, they are fleet related, sometimes they are not.  Don’t burden your team with those.  Let us knock them out for you. We just need to understand the project and we will use our high level of care to meet your expectations.

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